Recharge your electric trucks and vans with ENGIE Vianeo

ENGIE Vianeo supports the decarbonization of road transport with electric charging stations for carriers.

ENGIE Vianeo supports the decarbonization of road transport with electric charging stations for carriers.

In addition to electric vehicle charging solutions, ENGIE Vianeo installs stations where carriers need them for long distances: along major highways and in the heart of logistics zones and metropolitan areas. This network allows transport companies to benefit from very high-power charging stations, always available where electric truck drivers need them, without requiring any investment.

Our station concept to meet your needs

Our heavy-duty charging stations offer charging points ranging from 400 to 480 kW with CCS connectors, and soon MCS charging points of 1,000 kW and more, allowing charging in less than 45 minutes, which corresponds to the mandatory break time. All vehicles are accepted: utility trucks, carriers, tractors with or without trailers, coaches, garbage trucks, and other specialized vehicles.

Slot reservation

The ability to plan routes is ensured by a slot reservation system, accompanied by physical barriers to guarantee access to the reserved charging lane.

High availability

To meet the very high availability requirements of carriers, we ensure the highest level of charger availability and offer backup charging stations at our locations, guaranteeing recharges 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Tailored services

Finally, to allow drivers to take a quality break during their charging time, we ensure the presence of tailored services at or near the stations.

Find your station to charge on the go

Our charging stations are strategically located to facilitate access for electric heavy-duty vehicles. We are installing 5 charging stations in France, between Lyon and Paris, and plan to add 11 more by 2025. Each charging station is equipped with a CCS charger rated at 400 kW to 480 kW, enabling fast and efficient charging of your heavy-duty vehicles (approximately 45 minutes on average, depending on the electric truck). Additionally, each station is equipped with a backup charger to ensure optimal availability. The stations are located at La Galande on the A105 highway, Achères Est, Venoy Soleil Levant, La Forêt, and Beaune Merceuil on the A6 highway.

Charging stations for your truck

Facilitating the transition of heavy-duty fleets

The freight transport sector has a high environmental impact: heavy vehicles account for 40% of transport-related emissions in France. ENGIE Vianeo is thus supporting heavy-duty electrification to promote decarbonization and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions from freight transport.
It is estimated that the corridor created between Lyon and Paris will avoid 40,000 tonnes of CO2 over more than 10 years and eliminate emissions of fine particles and NOx from combustion engines. ENGIE Vianeo’s ambition is to actively contribute to decarbonizing road transport.

Host a heavy-duty charging station

For your own heavy-duty fleet needs or to simply leverage your property, we are looking to expand our network of heavy-duty charging stations. If you own land near major highways or logistics zones, or if you’re seeking a station close to your sites, please contact us via this form

Contact us

For more information about our electric heavy-duty vehicle charging services, feel free to reach out to us. If you’re a carrier and interested in accessing our stations under favorable conditions for your vehicles, we’re here to assist you.

Discover the corridor between Paris and Lyon

A network exclusively for electric heavy-duty vehicles

This initiative is a first in France and marks a significant step in the development of electric mobility and decarbonization of transportation. To meet the electrification needs of carrier fleets, ENGIE Vianeo has designed a charging corridor exclusively dedicated to electric trucks.


The stations we install cater to all freight transport needs. Charging points ranging from 400 kW to 480 kW CCS are capable of meeting most roaming and destination charging requirements.
We also plan to install stations with MCS connectors exceeding 800 kW for ultra-fast charging during very short break times.
Additionally, CCS chargers of around 100 kW are available to meet overnight charging needs.

The stations are open to all heavy-duty vehicles, and payments can be made with a credit card or any roaming recharge card available on the market. Moreover, carriers with a volume contract can benefit from preferential conditions and obtain an ENGIE Vianeo badge under this agreement. To benefit from this volume contract, please contact us.

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